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Flatbed printers

A flatbed digital printer reproduces digital images using inkjet printing on plastic and paperboard. It also prints on photographic paper, film, cloth or plastic. The biggest advantage of flatbed printers is its versatility. One can print on any material, shape or size as long as it does not exceed the maximum area of the flatbed. The device offered by us is known for its high speed and resolution. The efficient working ensures optimum usage of ink.


Roland LEF 20 :

The Ronald LEF 20 printer uses superior UV technology. The printer prints directly on a vast array of substrates and three dimension objects such as pens, smart phone covers, personalized awards, giftware, promotional items and laptop covers. It also helps to achieve embossed and varnish effects and gloss or matter finishes. The printer produces outstanding print quality on curved objects. It also has an automatic ink circulation system which minimizes ink wastage. It also has a fully enclosed system that protects graphics from dust and debris. The printer is efficient, long lasting and flexible.

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